==Echo Uchiha

Echo Uchiha


Kagegakure 2





Blood Type

Blood O


Luke Uchiha, Ryun Uchiha

Kekkei Genkai

All Sharingan


Team Gokage Sennin (current)


Seireitou Hyuga Rikudo Sennin, Ryun Uchiha, Jake


Bio[edit | edit source]

Echo Uchiha was born with his Sharingan open and skipped the academy because they thought that would only be a waste of talent. He was sent to Chunin and asigned as his teacher Seireitou Hyuga. They called him "Mini Sasuke because he was alwys looking for power so Seireitou gace hi his Cursed Seal of Heaven and he learned it in less than a day once mastered ninjutsu he killed his team which was like a family to him because he would always hang out with them since his Father had betrayed the village and left with Madara Uchiha. By kiiling his best friends and all of them he had obtained every type of sharingan even the deformed type it was crazy of what power he had now. legend tho

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Him right now

Black hair, black and blue sharingan, Uchiha Clan armor suit.

Current life[edit | edit source]

He is currently right now the Gokage Sennin and is training with Sasuke for Lightning Release Jutsu and then practicing with with his Grandfather, Ryun Uchiha, to practice with the eye he passed down to him the Kagerinnegan and Kagesharingan. His destiny is to be the first person alone that is not a fusion to beat Seireitou Hyuga. He also consumed Seireitou Uchiha and obtained everything about him.

While Chuinin[edit | edit source]

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Currently has the Nine Tailed Fox[edit | edit source]

After Training (for names their if they had something special he copied it and for traing instead of the perso n training think of that as him[edit | edit source]

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