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This is a fake version of Seireitou Hyuga made by Ryoku using Ultimate Forbidden Secret Jutsu: Work of God for his Akatsuki and his partner his the Fake Haizo Hyuga. This Seireitou is as strong as the real Seireitou when he fought Ryun Uchiha for the second time. He knows a limited amount of jutsus that Seireitou knew back then.


He is the same as the real Seireitou's personality, and even though a copy, harbors all memories of the real seireitou but does not recognize Squad 13 or Ryun Uchiha as his friend, even trying to kill them.



Akatsuki Revival arcEdit

He is first shown when Ryoku makes a copy of the real Seireitou Hyuga and makes it the partner of a copy of the fake Haizo Hyuga.