This article, Kuroiheru, is property of Seireitou.

This article, Kuroiheru, is property of Minkai, the Legendary Drunk.

This is a technique usable only by Soul Edge and is known to be its strongest attack. It first starts out as a giant black energy consumes Minkai and the blade. Several Hell Dragons (like from Dragon Twister) appear and surround the area. Minkai then releases the energy as a Konohagakure-size black energy wave. This will imediately level the entire surrounding area, and noted by Seireitou, if that blast were to make contact on any living or even nonliving thing, it would destroy it to the point of no existance. It is even said that this blast could easily destroy an entire universe in a single blast, but Minkai (even in his Soul Edge Possession form) could only bring enough power in oder to attempt to destroy the world. It even took the full power of Haizo' Uzuko and Seireitou's KatonGetsuga to repel the attack to defeat Minkai in the Seige of Soul Edge arc.