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Naruto Omega character
Age 26
Gender Female
Bloodline Ice Release
Hidden Village None
Rank N/A (Kage level)
Kekki genkai Ice Release
Chakra Types Ice, All Basic Elements
Current Team Akatsuki
Ring Byaku/Haku (White)
Ring Position Right Middle
Partner Myarou
Highest rank S-Class
Classification Missing-nin
Affiliation Akatsuki

Lirin is a member of the Delta Akatsuki and her teammate is Myarou. She and her partner have a somewhat friendly relationship, showing how Myarou protects her at certain times and vice-versa. She is also shown to be very flirtatious with her enemies, she even asks whether the victim wants French or soft. During her second fight with Suzaku Hyuga, there were hints of a sadistic nature from how she delighted in Suzaku's anguish.


Lirin can suck the chakra of others through a kiss, which could explain her elemental affinity for all six (which is a highly impressive feet since normally having access to so many elements requires either decades of training or assistance from a source like a Kekkei Genkai). When she absorbs the chakra from the victim, she gains all of their techniques and their chakra elementation granting her even more power. She can also lick someone to find out their elemental affinity, as demonstrated when she licked Suzaku's face (to his annoyance and horror). Lirin also knows a technique which allows her to change bodies called the color change technique. Her power over ice grants her very powerful techniques such as Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death which causes the water on the floor to become ice needles with just one stomp on the ground. Her power is also what is known as a kekkei genkai. Her signature technique causes the air around her and her opponent to become much colder and then appears with dozens of crystal ice mirrors. On all of these mirrors appears Lirin and is able to teleport from one mirror to other and causes major damage with the use of her senbon. With the help of her natural speed, her technique is very deadly and cannot be copied by the Sharingan. This technique is called Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors. She also had the ability to perform Hand Seals with only one hand.



Akatsuki Revival arcEdit

She is seen at Ryoku's gathering and assigned to a team with Myarou.