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Highest Rank No Ninja Rank
Age 29
Height 5 ft, 10 inches
Weight 130 pounds
Gender Male
Race Human, Vizard
Village of Origin Unknown
Nature Manipulation Types Unknown
Kekkai Genkai None
Affilitations Ashiki
Family Orphan

Litou Raignoko is a member of the Ashiki and a character in Naruto Omega. He wields a Zanpaktou that has yet to be named.




There isnt any real info about him except he is a skilled barrier user and met up with Byakko and Rikka at some point in his life and joined Ashiki. It was shown that he harbors some type of feelings for Sina.

Arranhaku/Minkai arcEdit

He first appears together with the Ashiki when Seireitou Hyuga comes to learn to supress his inner hollow. He put up the barrier surrounding Seireitou when his hollow ran amuck.