"A man who inflicts suffering can not rest. His guilty mind won't allow it. But today I can finally close my eyes to the living nightmare and lay down, knowing that I won't wake again."
— Minkai when he is killed in "Seige of Soul Edge"

Full Name and Kanji Minkai Zokatakei 悪魔 神像カタ鄭
Rank / class none
Age 21
Blood type o
Gender Male
Place of Origin Takumei Village
Spiritual Energy Type Fire
Abillities Yumegan
Affilitations: Team Minkai,
Family Kyuusaisha (deceased(adoptive mother)) real unnamed mother(deceased), real unamed father(deceased) - Minkai's Opening

Minkai Zokatakei (悪魔 神像カタ鄭 ) is one of the characters in Naruto Omega, who stands as Seireitou's Ultimate rival in Naruto Omega. He is first introduced as a 21 year old drunk that seireitou meets in a pub. He gathers shards of Soul Edge in hopes of fullfilling the promise he made to his adoptive mother. He is unaware that it was he who spilled the blood of his mother when he was a child.


Past (Before series beginning)Edit


Abilities and TechniquesEdit


"My life serves no purpose. Instead, I serve others purposes. That is my purpose."

"Where is my beer?!"

"I know when I've had too much to drink!"

"More sake!!"

"I'm not drunk! I'm just exausted from drinking all night."

"Mother... i only I had more power... power.. to protect you.. that is how I met them... My friends(seireitou, etc.) Every day was a new adventure. We went through the good and the bad together. I reveled in that life. Then I left them. Why? Because I wanted more power! If I had that power, my mother wouldnt have died. All because I wanted more power!

"All of this conflict. This meaningless search for this stupid blade. People die attempting to find this sword. All because they want more power."

"I cannot sleep. If I ever fall asleep, I will awake to bloodshed. I see enough of that."

"I dont ever want to have to see that again, my trusted comrades falling, right in front of me.."

"Never again... will I close my eyes."

"Mother... I will live on. To live... that is my redemption."