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Naruto Omega character
Age 33
Gender Male
Bloodline Nara Clan
Hidden Village None
Rank N/A (Kage level)
Kekki genkai Shadow Possesion
Chakra Types Fire, Lightning, Shadow
Current Team Akatsuki
Ring Minami (South)
Ring Position Left ring
Partner Lirin
Highest rank S-Class
Classification Missing-nin
Affiliation Akatsuki

Myarou is a member of the Delta Akatsuki and the partner to Lirin. He and she have a decently friendly relationship, as they both help out and do share comic moments. He has great confidence in his abilties and despises being looked down upon.


He is also a very powerful and experienced combatant with very unique skills. A mid-range combat specialist, Myarou can adapt to all ranges of combat quickly and easily to keep ahead of his opponents and outmaneuver their attacks. He is a master Taijutsu fighter and master Earth ninjutsu user. He is shown to easily be able to defeat even Might Guy with a few simple kicks and is strong enough to even crush a boulder with one finger.




Akatsuki Revival arcEdit

He is shown at Ryoku's gathering and is assigned with Lirin as his teammate.