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The Order of the Apocalypse is a secret organization who's main goal is to find the Vessel of Ragnarok and use his powers to bring about the end of creation and to restart history with them in charge, so that not even the gods may change what has happened. In order for this to happen, they must destroy their enemy, the Ashiki. This is has still not been clearified as to the two groups accual connections.

Each member weilds one of the Jibakushin blades, this signifying that there are probably 5 members.

While each member possesses the Jibakushin blades, they have also been shown to utilize the power of The Seal of Orichalcos. Besides these two powers, not much else is known about their abilities, however, they are known to be extremly strong as shown when just one of the members was able to defeat Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki very easily, and without much effort, althought Hikaru's power was supressed so this may be arguable.

They are also refered to simply as "The Order".



The Military of the Order is the unified armed forces of the Order of the Apocalypse. It is the most powerful military force in the world. It would have won the war without the intervention of the Vessel of Ragnarok.

Kenji is always the commander-in-chief of the Fire Nation military. The Navy is commanded by Kyosuke in the absence of Kenji and the Army is commanded by Rudogā. Dimaku develops and provides technology and equipment for the Order's military and reports directly to Kenji or Rudogā.

A large number of personnel comprise the Order's military, of which the majority are conscripts. The Order is the largest military in terms of number of personnel. The Order's military also possesses advanced and powerful military equipment giving it huge military capabilities and power projection. Thus, it is considered to be by far the most powerful, most advanced, and premier military in the world, giving the Order a decisive advantage in any conflict.

Before the events of The War of Ragnarok, the military was unknown.

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