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The Order of the Black Knights is a group of an undetermined number of members who hide in the world in secrecy like The Watchers. They are named the Black Knights because they hide in the "Black" shadows. They are people who believe that all people must die to make way for the new species that will be born after humans, whihc they too, as soon as they become as corrupt as the humans, will die as well. They tend to hide in the shadows and kill many people who they believe desreve to die.


They seem to have no clear motive, basicly, they see someone who they believe doesnt deserve to live and kills them. This is what they call their "Judgement".

The "Black Knights"Edit

Many members appear to be in the organization, but none have been revealed yet. However, it is said that each members' power is equal to or greater then someone like the 3 Sannin.


Not Revealed Yet

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Former MembersEdit

When a member decides to leave, they are killed on the spot, no trial or questioning.