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Rōzu is the Zanpaktou weilded by the Ashiki member Rikka Nagoshi.



In its Shikai state, it takes the form of a long black sword with roses covering the blade. It's hilt is red with thorns on the bottom of its hilt. If an opponent is sliced by the thorns, the target gets poisoned and is mostly likly to die within an hour.

Shikai Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Black Rose Flare: It is a powerful black blast of energy covered in sharp cherry blossoms. Its true powers have yet to been revealed.
  • Unnamed Energy Blasts: In the Shikai form, Rozu acts as a focus for Rikka's spiritual power, concentrating it into energy bursts capable of cratering floors and breaching walls. Rikka can also compress her power into massive energy spheres and toss them from the blade's tip.


Has not yet been revealed but the Bankai name is revealed to be Burakku Rōzu.


Has not yet been revealed



The spirit of the blade is a large rose dragon named Izayoi. Rikka and Izayoi appear to have very good relations with eachother, almost like sisters.