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  • Name: Ragnarök
  • Name Meaning: Final Destiny of the Gods or Doom of the Gods or Destruction of the Gods, sometimes called the Twilight of the Gods
  • Type: Unknown
  • User: Seireitou Hyuga (Only)

Its real powers haven't been revealed yet. The only thing shown about it is that its right eye glows orange/yellow and its left eye is green. The only powers shown it has revealed is that its green eye can instantly negate and shatter any jutsu, as shown during Seireitou's fight with Ryun Uchiha for the title of Gokage Sennin when he closed his right eye and used the green eye on Ryun's lightning rasengan. The rasengan first become green and then shattered instantly. One other thing shown is that when a jutsu or item comes within close range of the eyes, it either disappears instantly or just enters the eyes and never returns and is just swallowed into the two eyes. It is unknown which eye generates this power or if both generate it. One other power shown was to completly remove a Doujutsu from the eye of an opponent, as shown in Ryun and Seireitou's fight, when Seireitou disabled and removed the Kagirinaigan from Ryun's eyes. Whatever else it can do has not been shown yet.


While Seireitou uses Ragnarok, he will mutter certain words that have a certain effect. (Color Code: In Yellow/Orange, technique generated by right eye, if green, technique is generated by left eye. If Red, then both eyes generate the technique.)

  • Amituo: Named after the Buddha of "Infinite Light". This ability has been shown to shine through darkness and the shadows, making all Demonic and Satanic powers disappear and unusable in the light's presence. Even Echo's Demon Sharingan will be disabled by this light.
  • Pa Hsien: Summons 8 gods known as the 8 Immortals in Chinese Mythology. They serve Seireitou when they are summoned and pledge their loyalty to him.
    • The 8 Immortals and their Powers:
      • Chang Kuo-Lao: Unknown
        • He is represented as an Old Man riding a donkey. (Sometimes Backwards) He is usually carrying two drumsticks. Legend has it that at the end of his journeys, he could fold up his donkey like a piece of paper and store him in his wallet. When he was ready to travel again he would sprinkle water on his wallet and the Donkey would reappear.
      • Lu Tung-Pin: Unknown
        • Upon his back he wears a magic sword used to slay dragons and demons. In his hand he carries a fly brush. He is said to have traveled the earth for over 400 years slaying dragons.
      • Chung-Li Chuan: He is shown to have the power to reverse an attack (Physical or Energy) back at the opponent. To what extent is unclear.
        • This is the familiar Fat Man with his bare belly showing. He always carries a fan and sometimes a peach. He is also considered the Chief of the Immortals.
      • Li Tieh-Kuai: Unknown
        • He is the most recognizable of the Eight Immortals. He is depicted as a lame beggar carrying a double gourd. Legend explains his lame state as follows. His spirit would frequently leave his body to wander the land and heavens. One day his body was found and thought to be dead. It was burned, as was traditional. When he returned from his journey to find his body gone, he entered the first body he found...that of a lame beggar.
      • Lan Tsai-Ho: Unknown
        • The second woman amongst the Immortals is always shown wearing a tattered blue gown and only one shoe. A basket of flowers is her symbol, and is usually carried with her.
      • Ho Hsien-Ku: She appears to have the ability to negate any and all harmful demonic powers or influences and since the blade she weilds his holy, she has been shown to cause pain to Ryun when his is in his 9-Tailed Form when she sliced his chakra armor, even causing the armor to slice open. Her other powers are yet to be revealed.
        • One of two female Immortals, He Xian-Gu carries with her a magical Lotus flower. She was brought into the group of Immortals by Lu Dong-Bin after he rescued her from a demon with his magic sword.
      • Han Hsiang-Tsu: Unknown
        • This is the happy Immortal that is always seen playing a flute. It is said that Han could make flowers bloom with just his will, and soothe wild animals with his music.
      • Tsao Kuo-Chiu: Unknown
        • The finest dressed of the Eight Immortals. He is always shown wearing formal court dress and carrying castinets.
  • Yu Huang Shang Di: It has been said that this power has multiple effects but the only shown so far was when Seireitou summoned Ha and Jashin to his command. he was able to fully control and take over their souls without them giving even the slightest hesitation. It's power comes from chinese mythology when the Jade Emperor (Yu Huang Shang Di) was able to seize absolute power over the heavens and hell.
    • Named after the Lord of Heaven (Tien Kung), Yu Huang Shang Di is a first rank mythological deity. He is the Supreme Ruler of the Heavens, of the Underworld and Protector of Humanity. All Buddhist, Taoist and popular religion deities are his subordinates. In many parts of China, he was considered too holy, too awesome and too powerful to be represented by an image and only a tablet bearing his title was placed on the altar (temple).
  • Kuan Yu: Summons an impenetrable barrier around seireitou or around his friends. This barrier can stretch as far as Konohagakure is in size.
  • Yuanshi Tianzun: Unknown
    • Named after the Celestial Venerable of the Primordial Beginning or the Primeval Lord of Heaven, is one of the highest deities of religious Taoism. Yuanshi Tianzun is one of the Three Pure Ones (Chinese: 三清; pinyin: Sānqīng), and is also known as the Jade Pure One (Chinese: 玉清; pinyin: Yùqīng). He resides in the Heaven of Jade Purity. It is believed that he came into being at the beginning of the universe as a result of the merging of pure breaths. He then created Heaven and Earth. He once was the supreme administrator of Heaven but later entrusted that task to his assistant Yuhuang, the Jade Emperor
  • The Rest are Unknown but it has been implied that the eyes hold more techniques

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