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Raika (雷火, Lightning Flash): Is the blade weilded by Delta Akatsuki's Myarou. In its seal form it resembles a small sword such a kodachi, or a wakizashi.


Myarou's shikai is activated with the command Sever (たちきれ, tachikire). Takes the form of a white longsword with a hook at the end and curved shell-like pipes that forms the hilt.

Shikai Special AbilityEdit

The pipes emit fire, heating the blade and causing it to take on a more fiery color. He can focus fireballs into the crux of the hook and, by slamming it into the ground, create large fissures of flame to attack enemies with.


Raika Gōen Kaku (Lightning Flash Flame Shell): Takes the form of an enlarged sword and turns the edge of the blade a crimson red color with a hook at the end; the inner side of the hook-blade sports several jagged edges. A large white shell with light-purple trim like massive hollow pauldron/shield with the handle hidden behind it. The sword is about as tall as Myarou in this form.

Bankai Special AbilityEdit

In this form the sword's blade becomes fiery and fire shoots from the pauldron, when its powers are being used. The swords blasts of fire are much more potent, large and powerful in this form, and the pauldron on his sword can be used as a means of defense as well. The sword commonly creates fire balls from the blade, fire fissures, walls of flame and the pauldron acts as high intensity flame thrower when its turned on the opponent.

Gōen Ryuuga (Ultra Dragon Fang Flame)Edit

Myarou twirls his sword above his head, and the blade becomes fiery and flames shoot from the pauldron, while lightning builds and he then slams the blade into the ground accompanied by a lighting strike. The ground begins to shake as multiple fire spears shoot from the ground at varied angles to to trap the opponent in a prison of flames. However, a side effect of this techique is that it leaves Amagai looking very tired.

Gōen Ryuuga, Homura (Ultmate Dragon Fang Flame, Homura)Edit

Myarou lifts his sword over his head over his head and its entirety is inflamed, then the he strikes it toward his opponent allowing him to send a giant fireball at the opponent.

Raiendan (Lightning Fireballs)Edit

He uses the tip of his sword to fire out a multitude of fireballs toward his opponent.