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Naruto Omega character
File:1406068- Reiten Haishio.jpg
Age 19
Gender Male
Bloodline Super Saiyan
Hidden Village None
Rank N/A (Kage level)
Kekki genkai Saiyan
Chakra Types Hikari
Current Team Akatsuki
Ring San (Three)
Ring Position Right Thumb
Partner Kenrou
Highest rank S-Class
Classification Missing-nin
Affiliation Akatsuki

Reiten (Reiten Haishio) is an overconfident person who rareley considers his actions. He is first introduced when he is seen with Kenrou fighting with Naito and Alex. He and Kenrou have poor relations, and have completeley different views and fighting styles. Reiten is always ready to fight, while Kenrou is patient and concrete, which irritates Reiten. Kenrou is constantly correcting Reiten, annoying him further. He posesses a zan-pact-tou valled Finnikusu.

Like Hidan and Tayuya, he uses foul-mouthed language when he is pissed and usually plays with his opponent, shown when he faced Alex and Naito, he just flew around, mocking their skills.






Akatsuki Revival arcEdit

He, along with Kenrou are shown as the first group facing Alex Nara and Naito Inuzuka in battle, but before, are shown when Ryoku gathers everyone together. Reiten faced both of them alone, and was able to beat them easily. They are later assigned to get the Bijuu.


  • (to Alex and Naito) "Come on! At least score a hit or something! You fat-asses are as slow as Kenrou over there!"
  • (to Kenrou) "Still not gonna join the fight? Jeez, at least kill one of them! I havent seen you move in ages! You lazy ass!"
  • (to Naito) "What about you, dog boy? You're little 'friend' here sucks. Let's see how long you'll survive!"
  • (To Ryoku) "I have my own goals, i an't givin it up for your group!"
  • (To Kenrou) "Dude, that was weak, what the hell happened?"