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Highest Rank Kage
Age 35
Height 5 ft, 9 inches
Weight 108 pounds
Gender Male
Race Human turned God
Village of Origin Kumogakure
Nature Manipulation Types All Types of Elements
Kekkai Genkai Kagerinnegan, Thousand Tailed Fox
Affilitations Taimugakure/Leader, Taimukenin/Leader, Akatsuki/Leader
Titles "Akatsuki Leader", "God of Space", "Taimukage", "Taimukenin Leader"

Ryoku was born in The Shadow Lands into a clan of shadow masters. Their prophecy was that every million years, a wielder of the Kagerinnegan would awaken and rule the world, unless defeated by both forces of light and dark. When he was 9, the Kagerinnegan awoke and in a crazy rage of power caused him to slaughter his whole clan and half of Kumogakure, and was later stoped by 3 of the five kages and was banished to the Lost Lands. He lived as a Ronin till he heard of akatsuki's loss, and then took hold of the rings and cloaks and assembled 6 powerful ninja and used a jutsu make perfect copies of both Seireitou Hyuga and Haizo Hyuga, in which he created a new akatsuki to rule the 5 great nations. He also took over the Taimukenin group and used them to take over the Lost Lands. He has been shown to know alot about all the Bijuus and 9 Tailed Blades, as well as the Blades of Absolute Creation and even the Ten Tailed Fox and Ten Tailed Wolf, even knowing so much as to reveal that the chakra of the Ten Tailed Fox was split into 2 separte powers and that Ryun had a Forbidden Mangekyou Seal. It is unknown where he has learned about this.



Akatsuki Revival arcEdit

He is first shown in the shadows, laughing about Akatsuki's death and how, like a pheonix, would be revived from its ashes. He is then shown giving orders to Taimukenin to chase after the Thousand Tailed Fox, Ten Tailed Fox and the Ten-Tailed Wolf. After, he is shown with the "Delta Akatsuki", giving the team-ups and the orders to hunt down all the Bijuu to use their power to rule the world. He is shown after facing Tsuneide Uchiha in battle, and easily defeats her. He then escapes, along with Reiten and Kenrou.

Indo Huiyo's quest (Delta Omega)Edit

12 years after his match with Sereitou Hyuga, Tsunade gives him the liberty of trying to track him down and bring him to justice.