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Naruto Omega character
File:Drazhar- Kagirinai.jpg
Age 29
Gender Male
Bloodline Unknown
Hidden Village Sunagakure
Rank N/A (Kage level)
Kekki genkai Unknown
Chakra Types Fire, Sand
Current Team Akatsuki
Ring Shu (Scarlet)
Ring Position Right ring
Partner Urugi
Highest rank S-Class
Classification Missing-nin
Affiliation Akatsuki
Previous Affiliation Fukugakure/Leader

Sabaku is a member of the new Akatsuki and teammate to Urugi. They both seem to have a good relationship, shown to accually agree and work togethor in the heat of battle.


Sabaku has an ability very similar to Gaara's, allowing him total control over sand. This is because when he was born, he was given Shukaku, the Sand Spirit chakra put in his DNA, making him a Psuedo-jinchuureki. He has an ability to grow a chakra cloak with one tail, whihc is exactly like naruto's one-tailed form except the tail resembles a shukaku tail and the chakra is yellow-brown. After this form, he can become the very beast Shukaku, the Sand Spirit.



Akatsuki Revival arcEdit

He is only shown during the gathering at Taimugakure.


  • "I care not for anybody's wellfare but my own"
  • "Is everyone in Akatsuki idiots?"
  • "Urugi, try and keep up.... ready, follow me!"
  • "Where is the Ten Tails, you either tell me or this whole village becomes a pile of pebbles"