This article, Seikōjutsu: Execution by Inner Hollow, is property of Seireitou.

  • Name: Seikōjutsu: Execution by Inner Hollow
  • Rank: Z
  • User: Seireitou Hyuga

This is a technique created by Seireitou in his Sei Kō Ki form. This is technique is activated when Seireitou locks eyes with his target. The target's soul is sent into Seireitou's Inner World where he is confronted by the Inner Hollow. The hollow will torture and destroy the target's soul, causing imediate death. Because of this technique's power, even the strongest of ninjas, even someone like Hikaru Kurosaki can fall victim to this technique. However, there is two ways to defeat this technique, only two. One is, obviously, not to meet eyes with the opponent. The second one is to have a soul stronger then the Hollow, so as not to be killed by it, however, this is something that is known to be impossible, so its not a safe bet to rely on the second weakness.