"I feel sorry for you weakling. Even the greatest Yinbuke won't fight me. Because they can estimate their power and compare it to mine. Your strong will that wants to challenge me, does it comes from your brave heart... Or your foolishness?"
— Seireitou's comment to Ryun and Haizo's Initial Challenge.

Seireitou Retsuga
Full Name and Kanji Seireitou Retsuga 瀞霊冬 日向
Current Rank Village Leader of Kitsunemura
Age 22
Birthday October 19
Height 5 ft, 10 inches
Weight 121 pounds
Gender Male
Race Hanyou (Half Demon), Yinbuke
Village of Origin
Spiritual Energy Types Fire, Lightning, Space-Time
Bloodline Ragnarök
Affilitations Hebikyokoku, Kitsune Realm
Family Haizo Aoi (cousin)
Nicknames "Scarlet Fang", "Red Flash"
Titles Oinari-sama
Mukeitōu KyuubiTaishou

Seireitou Retsuga (瀞霊冬 日向) is the initial main Antagonist of the Anime/Manga Series Shinseipasu. He is the village leader of Kitsunemura and a powerful Yinbuke of the Namiyin rank.


Seireitou has pure pearl eyes and long pearlish silver hair. He is fairly tall for his 22 year old stature. He wears a special version of rurouni clothing, brown in color, with a blue/white mantle over it. He carries his Mukeitou behind him, worn on his scarlet roped belt.


Seireitou is a brave but naïve Hanyō Yinbuke, a half-demon warrior, the result of a powerful Retsuga member and his unnamed mother. He maintains a crass, rude attitude towards almost everyone, yet he levels it to a lesser degree towards the rest of his companions. One of Seireitou's prominent character traits is his tendency to allow his anger to cloud his judgment and cause him to act rashly, often resulting in violence.


Powers & Abilities