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Sekennousama (Lit. World King) is the rank given to Seireitou Hyuga after the defeat of the Order of the Apocalypse and when he realizes his role as the Vessel of Ragnarok. After he reliquches his role as Gokage Sennin to Ryun Uchiha, the world leaders of the Shadow Lands, Lost Lands and the 5 Great Nations come together and award seireitou the rank. The Sekennousama is the ruler of the entire world and rules from another world. Seireitou, being the first one, becomes the "Human God" of the Earth and watches over the world from the Kitsune Realm.

Being Sekennousama isnt like being a dictator, it is more like a protector of the peace and stability of the planet. If something threatens that peace, he is responsible to lead the world as a group to destroy it. However, the Sekennousama has much say in economic and political issues in the world, such as Gokage Sennin and Rosutorikujou Sennin. When Seireitou is Sekennousama, he has Ryun Uchiha as his Gokage Sennin and Hikaru Kurosaki as his Rosutorikujou Sennin.

The World KingsEdit



  • Veto laws that affect an entire land, not just a village. The veto is absolute, only if he can provide at least 3 good reasons
  • Choose who becomes the Gokage Sennin and Rosutorikujou Sennin
    • I mean like, he can suggest someone and they respect his descision. He has 49% of the vote and can only be overturned by all the officials.
  • In the presence of a crisis, he may take control of a nation(s)'s army
  • Organizes and Leads the United World Nations conferences
  • Can set the requirements for becoming an Official in Ninja Government
  • Can suggest Laws
  • Is given the right to decide a tie in voting
  • Can exile a ninja from his/her land, with consent from the Gokage Sennin and/or the Rosutorikujou Sennin. However, if he can find 5 reasons for an exile of that person, he can exile them without consent.
  • In charge of 70% of the World Market
  • Sets the bounties for enemies of an entire nation, not just a village
  • Leader of the Shinobi World Army

Not AllowedEdit

  • Choose Leaders (Besides the Gokage Sennin and Rosutorikujou Sennin)
  • Force villages against each other
  • Have Diplomatic Control of a Nation or even a country
  • Choosing the laws in a village or nations
  • Cant force a resignation from an official Leader/Kage