Over 1000 years ago, Seireitou Retsuga executed the Peace Requiem in order to for the world to stop fighting and work together as a whole. 1000 years have past and that peace has been long forgotten. The world has split into 3 Empires, the "Shadow Empire", the "Sun Universe" and the "Soviet Federation". The great heros, Seireitou, Hikaru and the other Yonkou have all been forgotten. The world has been scarred with more and more war.

The story revolves around Kouhei Retsuga and Senna Kuraihi as the main characters


Part 1: Reintro and ReunionEdit

"Will you shut up! I said i'll protect you!"
— Kouhei to Senna

Part 2: Battle For The Lost LandsEdit

"A heart of vengeance forges the soul firm with resolve, but if one's not careful vengeance can be blinded by obstinance and pride, thereby dulling the blade."
— Seireitou

Part 3: The Trials of the RyukamiEdit

"...I will not finish you. If I must be weak my entire life..if I am not supposed to be the Knight of Saitatsu, so be it.. because this is not destiny. Not if it means.. killing my closest friend..."
— Haizo - the opening for the arc

3.1: Final Confrontation: BrothersEdit

Part 4: Kid Seireitou and the Return of KenjiEdit

"The Wheel. Its turning. If fate is the milstone, then we are the grist. There's nothing we can do... I wish for strength. If I cannot protect them from the wheel, then I wish for enough strength to shatter fate. Is that my power? To shatter fate? Or will my power consume me in the end? Just like Kenji's did..."
— Seireitou's thoughts

Still in Process...

Part 5: Dealing with the PastEdit

"The world changes, it turns. Each time the sun touches the moon, it takes a new shape. The one thing that does not change, is my powerlessness. No matter how strong I get, I can't protect them. This realization... cuts my heart like cold steel."
— Seireitou's thoughts - Opening for this Arc

Still in Process...