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Taisinkoha is an orginization made for the sole purpose of ridding the world of ninja that prove a threat to the peace of the 5 great nations.


Origin and LocationEdit

The group is located in the Land of Fire, near the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning. This group was established by the 5 great nations at a summit meeting to dicuss the in crease of rogue ninjas. Too many powerful ninja were getting out of hand, so they established Taisinkoha to find and arrest, sometimes kill the ninja.


Taisinkoha is made up of 15 squads, each with a captain, a luteinent, and 30 seated members, making a total of 32 ninja per squad, with other groups within it for other purposes than the main 15. Taisinkoha is also the "National Government" who finalize the law of the Nations in order to keep the nations stable. In Taisinkoha, there is a "Head Captain" who is in charge of all other squads, he is the leader of Squad 1.

Major TargetsEdit


Squad 1Edit

Squad 2Edit

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Other SquadsEdit

ANBU Nation Ops.Edit

  • Anbus collected from each of the Nations
  • They send messages back and forth between Taisinkoha and the 5 Nations
  • Over 100 members

Analysis TeamEdit

  • Geniouses from all over the Nations gathered togethor
  • Help set strategies and run the economy of Taisinkoha
  • About 50 people

Barrier SquadEdit

  • Barrier Ninjutsu experts handpicked by Captains
  • Maintain a barrier over the Taisinkoha Base
  • Usually about 20 people

Execution SquadEdit

  • Led by the Head Captain
  • They schedule executions for convicts
  • About 50 people from different nations


Sokyoku HillEdit

Sōkyoku (双) Hill, is where executions take place in Taisinkoha.

Shrine of PenitenceEdit

Shrine of Penitence (senzaikyū), a white tower that keeps all criminals of the 5 Great Nations inside. While inside the tower, a person's spiritual power slowly disicipiates, leaving the person weakened greatly, and unable to break out. Also, all jutsus and spells are unusable.