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Part 1: The Night of the New MoonEdit

Seireitou and the group were returning from Taisinkoha, and on the way they camped out. Seireitou was feeling very edgy at the sight of the sunset. "Everything okay, seireitou?" asked Tsuneide. Seireitou hesitated and answered, "Im alright". "Alright" she went back when seireitou said, "guys, i think its better if we run to the village now." said seireitou. "At night, its safer if we take a rest" said Alex. "Then, im sleeping away from right here" said seireitou. "Why" asked Naito. "You feelin alright seireitou?" asked Haizo. "He's probably tired from the mission" Hiuyshi said. "No its... just...." said seireitou as a large tree fell to the ground. 2 powerful ninja appeared and one of them looked at a piece of paper with seireitou's picture on it. "Yep, Seireitou Hyuga, 50 billion ryo reward, thats him" one of them said pointing at Seireitou, which looked paniked.

Part 2: Assult! The Black Haired SeireitouEdit

Alex ran at them but was easily pushed back by one of them and the other kicked him at Haizo. "Why you.... Seireitou, get them!" yelled Haizo. Seireitou drew his sword but it wouldnt transform, it stayed as a normal katana. One of the guys kicked seireitou at a tree whcih caused an explosion. Out of the smoke, seireitou got up but.... his hair, turned from pearl to black. Everyone gasped. "Sei.... seireitou.... what the hell?!" said Tsuneide. Seireitou looked down and was gut punched by the guy. He was knocked out and the other one put seireitou on his shoulders. "Heh, pearl, black, even pokka-dot, he's comin with us" and with that, Hiuyshi charged in but one of them blew him away with a wind style jutsu. Before Alex charges in, the 2 disappeared with seireitou.

Part 3: The Search for SeireitouEdit