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Highest Rank Chunin (at the power of Kage)
Age 15
Height 5 ft, 5 inches
Weight 112 pounds
Gender Male
Race Human
Village of Origin Yukigakure
Chakra Types Water, Wind, Ice
Kekkai Genkai Ice Manipulation
Weapon Soul Calibur
Affilitations Squad 13
Family Haku (Same Clan)
Zanpakuto Soul Calibur (Shikai and Bankai)

Tokaru is a ninja formerly from Yukigakure. He wields the blade that was created to combat Soul Edge, the Soul Calibur. While he is a lone ninja, he sometimes will team up with Squad 13 and even Seireitou and Haizo to assist in their battles.


Tokaru is the wielder of Soul Calibur, a holy sword that created by an ancient king to combat the evil Soul Edge. He seems to be very exceptional in the blade arts, even being able to combat Soul Edge Possessed Minkai on equal terms. Even without his blade, he is a martial arts master, knowing a variety of taijutsu techniques from his travels. Having been trained by Yukigakure ANBUs for years until he was 8 (From Age 4), Tokaru has become a very dangerous ninja for his age. According to Seireitou, Tokaru possesses such prodigious talent, that in many ways Tokaru has become more dangerous than Haizo Hyuga (Before Shippuden).

In battle, Tokaru fights with tremendous speed and dexterity, while using his Soul Calibur. His speed is great enough that his movements cannot be seen with untrained eyes. Tokaru's preferred battle tactics revolve around the usage of his blade. He has been trained to slice at an opponent with deadly accuracy.

Tokaru's other most noticeable power is the utilize water and wind-chakra to create ice. His power over ice grants him very powerful techniques such as Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death which causes the water on the floor to become ice needles with just one stomp on the ground. His signature technique, Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors, causes the air around him and his opponent to become much colder and then appears with dozens of crystal ice mirrors. On all of these mirrors appears Tokaru and is able to teleport from one mirror to other and causes major damage with the use of his Soul Calibur. It is said his Ice Jutsu surpass even that of Haku.

Tokaru is also very keen minded as he has shown great observational and analytical abilities, capable of quickly determining a way around an opponent's technique or strategy. Tokaru also had the ability to perform Hand Seals with only one hand.


Naruto OmegaEdit

Chunin Exams arcEdit

He is first introduced in the Chunin Examination when he faced Misabi Uchiha in the 3rd Exam Preliminaries. He is first shown to wield a blade on his back (Soul Calibur) but doesnt use it as he easily defeats Misabi. He, however, fails the Chunin Exams, because he said it was very boring and no one there was a match for him so he leaves in the middle of his fight with Zokkorro Kaguya.

Arranhaku/Minkai arcEdit

While not shown alot, he is seen fighting one of the Espada. He wins after one of the Ashiki steps in to assist him. It was during this time when we saw Tokaru use Soul Calibur, but he never named it during the fight.

Naruto Omega ShippudenEdit

Seige of Soul EdgeEdit

During the time that seireitou and haizo were escaping Minkai (Possessed by Soul Edge), Tokaru chalenged Minkai with his Soul Calibur. At the end of their battle, Minkai is able to destroy the Soul Calibur and defeat Tokaru. At the very moment Tokaru is about to be killed, Seireitou makes his way at Minkia, giving Tokaru time to escape.

End of ShippudenEdit

He stays as a traveler with his Soul Calibur good as new. Nothing else is known so far.