Unagi Hyuga

Blood Type







Sage Jinchuriki


Hyuga Clan




Kamigetsu Hyuga, Seireitou Hyuga, Haizo Hyuga

Kekkei Genkai

Byakugan Bankakyou Byakugan Enternal Bankakyou Byakugan Sharingan Tsukurite Sharingan

Chakara Type

Fire water wind earth lightning yin yan ying yang


Soul Edge Samehada saitasu Minkanushi

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"In my life, I tried to be disciplined and show restraint. But it backfired when Rokudou took advantage of my restraint and mercy. If I had been more decisive and acted sooner, I could have stopped Rokudou and stopped the war before it started. I offer you this wisdom, Seireitou. You must be decisive."

Possible Unagi

Unagi Hyuga is the founder of the Hyuga Clan and first wielder of the Blades of Absolute Creation. He is Seireitou Hyuga and Haizo Hyuga's ancestor and was the first Vessel of Ragnarok.



Innate AbilityEdit

During Life Edit

Unagi was born as the first Vessel of Ragnarok into a small family of "Kamibuke", or "Warriors of God". They were a group of people, who are now considered ancient ninja, who had the ability to use their inner power, called now Chakra, as a form of attack. Unagi was taught this at a young age and became a fighter at the tender age of 5. By age 7, we would have fought in many blood-wrenching battles, contributing to the bloodshed. It was around age 15 that he saw that his eyes appeared to be different then members of his family. Instead of blue, his was a more pearl like color. This intriged Unagi as to why this was, and later, at age 20, discovered his hidden power, the Byakugan. When members of his family saw that he possessed a type of power that only a god could have, they believed that Unagi was a god born into a human form. This made the people very exited because according to the legend, he who can draw the blades of god, will become God of his world. Unagi was brought to an area where 3 blades were sticking out and arranged in a triangle - like patteren. The villagers told him that this place was called the "Temple of Life's Birth" and that only a god himself could pull these swords out. After trying once, he pulled out all three blades and took them for himself. His family wanted to use this power to rule the world but Unagi wanted to use them to bring peace to his world. He left his village and started his own family, a clan, which he then gave the name "Hyuga" which meant towards the sun, reflecting on Unagi's goal to drive the world to a time of peace and happiness. As his clan grew, so did his ties. He had made friends like Rokudou Sennin, which he became best friends with. However, things were not all fun and games, a dark force named "Amatsumikaboshi" under the guise of "Myoken" attack Unagi's world to destroy the blades who destroyed his iron hold over the darkness by starting Creation. He and Unagi would battle for 100 years with no end, until Unagi used Sealing Jutsu: Part 1: Gathering to gather chakra from everyone on earth to fuel his next jutsu Sealing Jutsu: Part 2: End of God's Reign which sealed Myoken to the pole star forever. After his battle, Unagi became greatly weakened and was hospitilised. However, Rokudou, his friend, saw this as an opertunaty to steal Unagi's blades. Rokudou was greatly jealous of his friends limitless power and plotted to steal them. He succeded in stealing Soul Edge, but the power was too great and took over him completely. Unagi, still damaged, fought with Soul Edge using his other two blades. The battle lasted for a while, but Unagi ended it with Sealing Jutsu: End of Absolutism, which defeated Rokudou but Unagi gave his life to stop Soul Edge. He left it to his decendants to carry out his goal of creating a peaceful world.

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