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Naruto Omega character
Age 27
Gender Male
Bloodline Unknown
Hidden Village None
Rank N/A (Kage level)
Kekki genkai Unknown
Chakra Types Wind, Earth, Water
Current Team Akatsuki
Ring Sora (sky)
Ring Position Little Left
Partner Sabaku
Highest rank S-Class
Classification Missing-nin
Affiliation Akatsuki
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure 2

Urugi is a member of the new Akatsuki and teammate to Sabaku. They both seem to have a friendly and helpful partnership, as they help each other in battle. He specializes in taijutsu and the pressure points.




Akatsuki Revival arcEdit

He is only shown at Ryoku's gathering at Jikokugakure. He is paired up with Sabaku.