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Shinseipasu Character
yama"bringer of death" otsutsuki
Kekkei Genkai All
Age 17
Blood type O
Nature Type
Death Release

Purple Lightning Release

Fire Release

Water Release

Wind Release

Earth Release

Dark Release

Rank Rosutorikujou Sennin
Team Team Shadow
Affiliation Kuromurani


Naruto Kuraihi cousin, Rai Kuraihi Grandfather, Rukia Kuraihi aunt, Mizu Kuraihi uncle, Ihiaruk uncle

yama otsutsuki[edit | edit source]

Is the current yamakage of yamagakure he is on a mission with his cousin kiatachi to destroy sigma uchiha and raido x and become the most powerful ninja yet he specializes in using every type of ninja tool or weapon he is a lso immune to all types of poisons and genjutsu he can destroy any ninjutsu with a wave of his hand he also has every kekkei genkai there is and has all their jutsu

doujutsu[edit | edit source]

sharingan[edit | edit source]

rinnegan[edit | edit source]

=red eye[edit | edit source]

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