"Powerful Beings, with the Gift of God within them..."

Yinbuke (Roughly lit. Yin Warriors) are beings who are born with an incredible amount of Reikioshi and are trained to use it in combat.

Yinbuke HistoryEdit

Class SystemEdit

Red StarEdit

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Yinbuke Ranking SystemEdit

Sutayin (Beginner)Edit

Sutayin are beginner-class Yinbuke who graduate from an academy. In order to graduate, they must be able to obtain their own Mukeitōu.

Namiyin (Average)Edit

Namiyin are average-level Yinbuke. Most Yinbuke remain at this level or the one before it. In order to be promoted to this level, the Yinbuke must be able to discover the name of their Mukeitou and release it's Shokai state.

Kunyin (Master)Edit

Kunyin are master-level Yinbuke. Very few have ever obtained this particular rank. In order to be promoted to the Kunyin rank, the Yinbuke must be able to access their Koukai state and must pass a test consisting of 3 parts.

Awai (Village/Clan Leader)Edit

Awai are the leaders of a particular village of Yinbuke. They are usually male, but female ones are acceptable. In order to be chosen for the position, one must be of Kunyin rank for longer then 5 years and must show proficiency in the Koukai release.

Other RankingsEdit